About Us
Quantum Energy Saving & Services, also known as Quantum ES&S, is a dynamic young company, established in 2008. The Quantum staff includes the finest professionals in selling and servicing commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment, with more than 25 years' experience in the Israeli market.
Quantum operates on three levels:
•Sales and marketing of energy-saving chillers (water cooling equipment).
•Sales and marketing of standard air conditioning equipment.
•"One stop shop" servicing of air conditioning systems and equipment.
Quantum ES&S is the exclusive representative of the global Smardt Group, manufacturer of internationally-popular energy-saving chillers. Quantum ES&S is also the exclusive representative of the Cofely refrigeration company (part of the vast GDF Suez Group) in Israel and the Mediterranean region, supplying
energy-saving cooling systems from Germany.
In addition, Quantum exclusively represents the exclusive representative of the Italian Thermocold company, supplier of air
 conditioning equipment and heating systems.
Quantum works in cooperation with the Mashik Machining and Refurbishing Group, which operates its own compressor
refurbishing plant and is Israel's largest company in the compressor refurbishment field. Mashik is also the exclusive importer of Vilter industrial compressors from the USA. The company has worked with Israeli industry for more than 70 years, building an impressive reputation. 
Quantum is proud to present Israel's largest number of energy-saving systems with the revolutionary Turbocor oil-free, magnetic bearing, VSD compressor line. Systems have been installed and are currently in operation at the following sites:
Elisha Hospital, Haifa – 160 ton water-cooled system. Nahariya Hospital – 850 ton water-cooled system. Kamada
Factory, Kibbutz Beit Kama – 230 ton air-cooled system. Lehavim Technologies Factory, Gush Tefen – 1,840 air-cooled system. Superior Factory, Sderot – 70 ton air-cooled system. Protalix Factory, Karmiel – 460 ton air-cooled system. Arad Mushrooms Factory – 230 ton air-cooled system. Hosen Mushroom Factory – 380 ton air-cooled system. Palgal Hefzibah Factory – 70 ton air-cooled system. Office building, Hadar Dafna – 430 ton water-cooled system. Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital – 300 ton water-cooled system. Palram Factory, 220 ton air-cooled system. Tip Top Plastic Factory – 150 ton air-cooled system. Be'eri Printers – 215 ton air-cooled system, Grapholit Printing Works – 300 ton air-cooled system. Elcam Medical – 150 ton air-cooled system. Gilboa Industries – 150 ton air-cooled system. Carmel Mizrachi, Rishon LeZion – two 150-ton air-cooled split units. Daniel Herzliya Hotel – 360 ton heat reclaim water-cooled unit. Teva-Tech, Ramat Hovav – 360 ton water-cooled system. Sheraton Tel Aviv – 420 ton water-cooled system. Dead Sea Works – 480 ton water-cooled system. Shemer Metals – 75 ton air-cooled system, Shalem Products – 690 ton water-cooled system. Intergreen Building – 200 ton air-cooled system. Intel – 750,600,800 ton water-cooled system, Intel Jerusalem- 160ton air cooled, Genigar - 200 ton air cooled, Amraz  factory  - 3 X 400 ton water cooled, Golda culture center - 300 ton water cooled, Politiv factory - 160 ton air cooled, Tefron factory - 2 X 230 ton air cooled , Teva Jerusalem - 2 X 400 ton air cooled, Gan shmuel food factory  - 430 ton water cooled , Jerusalem city hall - 175 ton water cooled.
 A total of 15,106 tons!
 And many more standard chillers and conventional systems throughout Israel.
All employees of the Quantum ES&S service department are skilled certified technicians with many years of experience handling and maintaining air conditioning and cooling systems and equipment from the full range of international manufacturers.
The company places particular emphasis on servicing and maintaining equipment produced by טריין, Carrier, York, and Climaveneta, as these account for more than 85% of air conditioners installed in Israel. All of our technicians have undergone specialized training and certification in Israel and abroad at the manufacturers' equipment plants.
Quantum is staffed by the finest professionals in the air conditioning field, all of whom have many years' experience and comprehensive expertise. The company is fully committed to promoting and advancing energy-saving technologies, and working to protect the environment. 
The highly experienced, professional service department supplies "one stop shop" services, including:
1. 24/7 repair and servicing for all types of malfunctioning chillers and air conditioning equipment.
2. Ongoing preventative maintenance services.
3. Repairing all types of compressors, including complete compressor overhauls.
4. Retrofitting machines at existing locations in terms of their controls and mechanical components, in order to save energy and convert them to using environmentally-friendly refrigerants                    
5. Servicing and repairing of heat exchangers.
Our service personnel respond quickly to every request, providing professional service with readily available replacement parts.
At Quantum ES&S, we work to the highest standards, closely attending to the customer's needs, while continuously striving to improve the services we provide.
Quantum ES&S is proud to be a reputable, officially-certified alternative to the service provided by official importers, and to promote healthy professional competition in the Israeli air conditioning market. 
Our advantages are: attractive market prices without professional compromises; original equipment replacement parts for products from a wide range of manufacturers; high availability of replacement parts and compressors (including available stock in Israel) and quick professional service.
Our large service customer base includes:
•Several of the largest industrial plants in Israel: Intel, Teva, Dead Sea Works, Strauss, Keter Plastic, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elta Systems Ashdod, CTS, Abic, and many more.
Large institutions: Israel Electric Corporation, Weizmann Institute, courthouses, government offices, and more.
Hospitals: Beilinson, Petah Tikvah; Soroka, Beersheva; Carmel, Haifa; Bnai Zion, Haifa; Abarbanel, Bat Yam; Tel HaShomer; Assaf HaRofeh; and more.
•      Commercial buildings: Park Azorim, REIT shopping malls, universities, Jerusalem City Hall, office towers, and more .
It will be our pleasure to extend our services to you at your convenience:
Elite professionalism and reliability, with uncompromising service!
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